Our First "Excursion"

Our first port of call was Progreso, Mexcio. It was really nothing to write home about, but again, we didn't really see much of it. We had heard rumors that there were some cool Myan ruins in the heart of the Yucatan, but it would be a long bus ride (at least 2 hours each way) and it would be hot, muggy and buggy! I don't love hot and muggy, but definitely not bugs!

So we opted for our own 'excursion' if you will - we took a nice mexican air conditioned (windows down) ride into the city by the sea and decided to stop in a quaint Mexcian Restauratnt for ONE margarita. Well, Fernando, our server, brought us our margarita and complimentary shots of Petrone! I LOVE Tequila. I really do and normally would jump all over the opportunity for free shots, but I just couldn't stomach it quite yet. I was still very nauseous from the day at sea. Don't worry, it didn't go to waste! Mom took her first shot ever! AND, followed it up with 2 more!!!! Go Gigi!

Well, we thought we were done...on our way to walk the beaches and just have a nice quiet day! We were wrong! 3 cruise employees ended up stopping in the restaurant and of course we had to have more shots and a few beers. We chatted and got all kinds of inside scoop on the boat and the life of cruisin'.

After a few more drinks and the thought of heading back to the boat, more cruisers came in and we shared some fellowship and food with them - oh and along with a couple more shots and beers! One couple actually said they didn't drink!!!!! Then she took her first shot of Tequila!!!! I guess they drink now!!!

Progreso, Mexico
Oh, we were so happy to explore the wonderful world of Tequila shots!

So enticing. Such beautiful presentation of the lime wedges and salt!

Our 'excursion group'

Dave the Social Host and Dad!

Mom's first shot!
We did have a great time getting to know fellow cruisers and some of the staff! And yes, I've already befriended everyone on FB. Don't you know I'll be contacting them next time we cruise!!!

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