First Movie

We have been waiting.....a long time! We finally took Little Hauss to his first theater movie. I know, he's 4, but we weren't sure if he, I mean, WE, were ready for it!
There are so many factors to consider - the cost, the time, the sitting still, the cost, the loud speakers, the attention, the cost and did I mention the cost? Ok, I know, you gotta just suck it up, but really, it is ridiculous how much it costs to go to the movies. Thankfully, we had a gift card for $25. Now, for a matinee, 2 adults, & one child - that barely covered it! We had about $3 leftover for some concessions. We ended up getting the kid's meal thing which surprisingly enough is the best bargain in the place.
We went Sunday afternoon to see "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs"! Very cute and short so it was a good first movie experience. However, next time, we will get there about 10-15 minutes after the "start" time to miss all the previews and commercials. Without those, LH would have been great. He sat quietly and watched intently and enjoyed it, but towards the very end, he was asking when it would be over and climbing onto my lap to cuddle.
Our theater here offers free movies for children in the summer months, but it doesn't always work with our schedules. This summer, I'll try to get him there a few times because they always play the movies that have been popular for kids from the previous few years. And its FREE!!!!

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