We left from New Orleans, so we decided to stay an extra night when we got back to explore the city. Next time, we will go a day early and spend the night so we can get home quicker. If I had felt better, it might have been more enjoyable, but we couldn't walk straight for a few days after we got off the boat, so sight seeing was just a little burdonsome!
Bourbon Street
Oceana's Creole Restaurant - very yummy!
Something's missing??? No towel friend this time! And, we both were kind of hoping they would have come back in and straightened up after we went to dinner but no such luck! Cruise spoiled us with twice a day room cleaning services!

Looks so innocent doesn't it? Amazing what all that water can really do.
Cemetary. I think this one was the one that part of the movie "Double Jepardy" was filmed in.

This place was sweet!

Beautiful hotel
We had our coffee and beniets!

Horse? no, mules!

This is one of the houses in the 9th Ward that has been built by Brad Pitt's efforts and foundation. It is amazing to see the growth that is happening down there, but sad and humbling because this is right next door to a lot with no house. Even worse, the stairs to the old house are still standing....devastating.

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