Dressing Up and Playing Big Brother

Cousin Ava is over 4 weeks old now!!!! I'm sorry its taken so long for me to post pics, but I just got a camera that I could use and as you can tell, I'm using it to my advantage right now! So, here she is, chubby cheeks and all! Sweet as ever and we love her so much! LH is obsessed, but when you ask him if he wants one, he replies "yes, but not this kind - I want a brother!" Sheesh - I thought once she got here, he'd get over that, but oh well, we'll see if we can deliver but it's a tall order!

Sweet Ava
All better now? We just changed her diaper!
LH took this picture...he's quite the camera man!

So in love!
Little Hauss is getting excited about Halloween and wanted to dress up. Actually, in all honesty, I wanted him to dress up too because he will be wearing a football uniform that his Gigi got him last Christmas. Any guesses as to what team its for? I don't really care because I'm cheap and this will be FREE! What better way to get some use out of it? And, he loves wearing it and tackling his Daddy!

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