The Little Giant

WOW - we took LH for his 4 year old well visit! I think there were twice as many sick people in the waiting room than well, so Hubby iniated a plan of action. I signed in LH and waited in the "well" area while he and LH trashed my car for an HOUR! It took forever and Hubby is so germaphobic that he kept text messaging me reminding me to wash my hands, cover my mouth, and not touch anything!!! Too cute, but I was in total agreeance from the looks of the office! We don't want to get sick, much less the Hiney Flu (our name for the H1N1).

We were very pleased with LH's check-up and he's doing great. I would say he's right on target, but he's actually well beyond his years! He is the size of a typical 5 1/2 - 6 1/2 year old! He's in the 110th percentile of his height and I think atleast the 100th or 105th percentile of his weight! Thankfully, he is proportionate in both, so he's not too heavy and the Dr. wasn't concerned! He did grow FOUR inches in one year and gained 6 lbs! I knew it had to be close to that because nothing fits anymore! He informed us that at this rate, he will be considerably taller than his Daddy who is 6'1"! He predicts around 6'3" or more - which I already guessed on my own gut feeling and the fact that I'm his mommy and we know all! He was a little shy in taking off his clothes but that's probably our fault since we are talking to him about privacy and such these days! Other than that, he answered all the questions and chit chatted with the nurse about everything that she was going to be doing to him! Very aware and likes to be informed!

His 4 year stats:

44.5 inches tall
52 pounds

Now, this is why everyone asks me what grade he's in! =)

The joys of trying to feed and clothe him will be immense in the future! I've already had to increase the grocery budget and clothing allowance! I can't wait!

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