And then there were FOUR

WIVES that is. I can't seem to stop watching the show Sister Wives. It's fascinating, disturbing and just addictive. I'm obsessed. I started watching it late last season and lucky for me there was a marathon on one weekend and I caught up on everything polygamy!
I'm currently in season 2 and if I wondered what other crazy curveballs they could throw into the mix, I didn't expect this one. So, long story short, all of them head to Wyoming (with a W not a Y) and visit grandparents. These are the dad's parents (Kody) and then all of a sudden, there is Janelle's (wife #2) mom. Um, ok, maybe she is there for a visit to help and see the kiddos. NOT, she's the second wife to the grandpa (Kody's dad)!
So, yes, if you followed, Kody and Janelle are married with children, and Kody's dad married Janelle's mom as well! I knew this lifestyle was qwerky, but really??? I mean, that just seems wrong on too many levels.
Wrong enough to not watch? Um, no.
On another note, the 4th wife, Robyn, is not my fave. I personally like Christine (wife #3) for whatever reason, but Robyn is different. She seems a tad immature and well, dense. I sound mean, but she just doesn't get it sometimes and I am not a big fan of him brining in a 4th when they seemed to have their crazy life pretty rock solid! Obviously, he didn't consult with me because I would have talked him out of it!
They all pulled over to take a picture on their road trip and tells them all to make a "Y" with their hands because they are in Yoming!!! Um, Mary (wife #1) totally called her out on the fact that it is actually spelled with a W!!!! Poor thing.
As weird as it all is, I am intringued by their relationships with their husband, each other and their kids. It is just so far fetched I can't help but stay tuned.

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