Six Months?

How did this happen? It is totally inappropriate that M&M is already half a year old! I'm in denial.

If you can see, she has a sore on her forehead....and it keeps getting worse! It must have started as a scratch or dry patch and she's just rubbed and scratched it even more and it looks horrible! We have been lathering it witn neosporin and vaseline to keep it from drying out, so hopefully soon it will get better! It obviously hasn't upset her in anyway. She's still all smiles!!!
We went for her checkup last Friday and she did fantabulous as I expected! I doped her up in the waiting room with motrin, so I wasn't worried! Shots? No problem!
I got her stats but I can't remember her height (they are in the diaper bag)! Oh well, you can get the rest:
Weight: 16 lbs 14 oz
Head: 16 1/4 inches
Height: ????
Overall, she's in the 75th percentile of both height and weight. It is a whole new experience seeing her stats "inside" the curve as LH was always well above it!!
She was in love with the baby in the mirror! She talked to it and tried to grab it! It was hilarious. I thought I was prepared for the shots with motrin, then realized as I was half dressing her that her paci was missing!!! I thought that I would have a fight on my hands after she was stuck, but I was wrong. She cried out for a minute then just stopped! She's fabulous!
She slept for over 3 hours that afternoon but then was good as gold!

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