Easter Sweetness

Black and white might not be typical for Easter, but after seeing the suit my parents got LH, this dress was just a must have!!! I will have to get him a different tie (yellow) to match the flower on her dress....

He will also wear this for her Baptism in April! I'm still looking for her dress for that!
Fashion aside, I'm so proud of LH for taking Lent seriously this year and giving up something just like I do. He gave up going to the Cafeteria to eat!!! This may sound wierd to some, but he really loves going there. He eats there at least weekly with grandparents and possibly more if he has the option! So, for 4o days, he's Cafeteria free!! So proud of him.
I gave up "out to eat" coffee and all sodas! I can't even get coffee from McDonald's!!! Thank goodness I can still make my own coffee and have tea!

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