Up for Air!


I love the new job and I'm adjusting to working all day five days a week! Honestly, that part isnt' hard as I have plenty to keep me busy. So busy in fact that I almost don't realize it's lunchtime or time to go home!! I prefer it that way!

Now, the rest of my life is a little, um, hectic, chaotic, and just plain crazy! I love it, but I'm utilizing my time more wisely! I have to. My drive home takes twice or thrice as long to get home than it did before, so more to do in less time!!

On top of all the regular day to day stuff to do with family, there is hardly any time to do the fun stuff (email, facebook, hot baths, catch up on dvr, etc), but I finally have been doing some of that this week.

I wouldn't be so out of touch if I were home last weekend, but we took a little trip to visit my college roomie and family in Raleigh! It was so much fun, but we left right after I got off work Friday then got home Sunday evening. Basically just enough time to get things ready for the week ahead!

This weekend we are home and I'm looking forward to some down time - hopefully! Mom and Dad are coming in for M&M's baptism on Sunday, but Saturday looks open!

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