New Beginnings

Well, I survived my first day at my new job. It was pretty much what I thought it would be. Lots of reading policies, company info, filling out tax forms, emergency contacts, and most importantly, my direct deposit forms. I did so not really knowing what I was getting paid. Yes, I know that seems odd, but I knew about what it was. Don't worry, I found out, and yes, it was close to what I expected. I am most excited about the benefits. I get paid vacation - a whole week THIS year and great medical insurance!!!! It will so much less than we pay now with Hubby's insurance. Now, I do have to pay for parking, but it is all worth it!

I had to be there this morning around 8:15. I signed in the front desk at 8:18, but getting there was half the battle. I was unsure how long it would take me in the morning, I didn't know how traffic would be and most importantly, I had to park (in the 5th floor of the garage) and walk to the office. When you put it all together, it is time consuming. I wanted to leave my house by 7:30, but 7:41 it was. I got stopped by a slow, coal train and have decided that maybe I'll try a different route tomorow!

I waited for almost 25 minutes to be taken upstairs but once I was up there, it went smoothly.

After lunch, I met with my department. I met a lot of nice people and I hope I remember everyone's names!!!

Well, I guess the good news is I'm going back tomorrow!!!

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