We have done home improvement projects here and there, but really haven't done anything major. The basement has been our biggest yet and it wasn't difficult per se, just time consuming. Also, ripping up carpet and painting isn't nearly as expensive as putting some down!

Well, we got schooled when we looked into new flooring for just the upstairs!!! Oh my, how we were sticker shocked.

We didn't go in with many expectations, but we were not expecting that! With carpet only and FREE labor it was still close to $5,000. Add another grand (or so) for some hardwoods mixed in. Even with a great financing offer we were skeptical. I am not one to make a decison first go around and espcially without checking the competition, so we decided to sleep on it. Well, because the guy has been in this business for 25 years, he sent us home with the sample to see if we liked it in our house. Well, it almost won, but I fought through it and we made our final decsion to wait it out. That sample looked sooooooo good compared to the ugly dark hunter green we have now. Nice and soft, fluffy, and a light bright neutral! It was hard to give that 2x3 rectangle back.

We just feel we can put our money and energy into projects that need our attention NOW, like landscaping! Also, a big reason is we really would like to put hardwoods in the main living area and hallway with carpet in the bedrooms.

I guess I'll just have to deal with the ugliness a little while longer...but on the bright side, we should have pretty flowers and plants to enhance our yard!!! I hope!

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Mrs. J said...

We have white carpet throughout the house and with a large chocolate lab, they tend to be more of a hazy gray. I would love to get hardwoods, but as you said, they cost an arm and a leg! Flowers sound like a good compromise!