Is one of my most favorite things ever. I know, weird, but true! I love it. I would choose pork over chiken, seafood, or beef anyday!
LH is fascinated about what the animal is, not what the food is. I guess it makes sense because we call a shrimp a shrimp, a fish a fish, a duck a duck, a chicken a chicken, but there are many types of pig and cow! So, when I make dinner he always asks what we are having...pig, chicken, or cow! More times than not, there is pig in there somewhere! And Hubby always jokes that if I am cooking, its pig! He has a love of pork just like me, but I doubt it runs as deep!
I saw a food show that had a bacon of the month club. I seriously asked Hubby for it as a gift! There was also a segment aboout a bacon cupcake. Really? A cupcake AND bacon? Heaven is what I say!
I've had to change my eating habits a little based on my weight loss efforts, but not at the expense of losing all pork! I have tried to make the switch to turkey bacon, but its just not the same. I can sub keilbasa for the turkey variety and some sausage...but sometimes you just gotta have the real thing.
Living in Southwest VA gives me the opportunity to find fresh pork. I am actually looking for a half a pig. to stock my freezer!
Weird maybe, but that's what I like!

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