Workin' 9 to 5, just a trying to make a livin'

Ugggh, I'm a slacker!!! I know!
I am trying to redeem myself. I have today off so hopefully with one rugrat at school and one napping, I might be able to catch you up!
Hmmmm, where to start???
I guess with work...boring, but too much not to talk about!
I just looked for a picture of my old office....and note it was MINE! All my own, just me, one person, one desk, with a door, that actually locked! This is my new one!!! Can you tell the difference?
In recent weeks, there have a been a lot of changes. My boss, the other part time girl and I have been uprooted with all our baggage and moved accross the street. We now are in a room together with another person (a poor boy at that) and occassionaly another boy! The room seems big when you think about it, but when we moved our 3 desks, tons of file cabinets and all the other stuff we have in there along with the boys' stuff, it is quite cozy!!! It is completely weird! We are practically on top of each other. Personal space is non existant and concentrating is even harder! I think the original concept was well intended, but it isn't really what they had expected! Our "division" was split up when we were in one building and the other half in another, so the idea was for all of us to be together...One big happy family! Well, we can feel the love, let me tell ya!
Our new home came with a new bare bathroom with a gallon pump jug of antibacterial soap, bare walls, no silverware or dishes, and even the most fragrant fridge I've ever laid nostrils on!
If you couldn't tell, we moved in with all men! Well, don't worry, we girlified it in a matter of hours! New paint (a really deep plum color), shelf/cabinet in the bathroom, fruity smelling soap, dishes, and a good scrubbing of the fridge! Wow, it was nas-tay! It is in a room off from the kitchen, with a separate door! As soon as the door opened to the room, you were hit with the worst smell! Don't worry, 3 pairs of rubber gloves, and entire pack of paper towels and a bottle of cleaner later, I had it spic and span!
My fellow roomie cleaned the kitchenette!!!!! Just as gross!
Well, the best thing is we are all together and spend way less time running accross the office to meet and hardly anytime on the phone!!! Oh, and the poor boy has learned more than he ever wanted to know about women in just a short week!

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