Boo Boo


Little Hauss slammed his hand in the car door catching the tip of his ring finger on his right hand! First, I'm pretty sure the 100 mph winds had something to do with the shutting of the door on his poor finger, and second, I've never heard a scream like that! Poor baby!

Half his nail was purple before we even made it in the house! After ice, hugs, lots of kisses, a golden oreo and motrin, he calmed down enough to take a bath and somewhat forget about the throbbing pain. He would have little bursts of tears every now and then, but overall he seems to be okay now!

Even with all of that, he and Hubby still managed to decorate the tree while I was out tonight. We usually do it together, but haven't had the time, so I guess LH just got sick of waiting so took it upon himself to get the ball rolling! It is the most beautiful tree ever! There are clusters of ornaments here and there but overall, it is wonderful! He is such a sweetie to want to do that for me!


JR911 said...

I love that he just jumped right in there and decorated! I used to get all out of sorts when the tree decorations weren't just so, but now I know it doesn't matter at all....it's the family time spent together decorating that makes it special.

Hokie Girl said...

Oh, and LH was just so excited about it this morning and talking about how awesome the tree looked! He was so proud of himself and daddy and for doing it for me!