Whatcha Say

Is LH's new favorite song. It's on the top 20 pop hits and it's by Jason Derulo! He sings along and thank goodness he doesn't know ALL the words because I'd be answering some questions (like what is lust and others), but for the most part, he can keep up!
We sing it as a duet and if I try to sing along with the boy, he tells me that I can't sing the boy part, but only the girl part! Ha!
Along with that, he likes Miley's Party in the USA, Down by Jay Sean, and Lady Gaga's Paparazzi! We enjoy our time singing together in the car! He asks for the music to be turned up so he can rock out! It's very cute!

My favorite song he sings however, is Away in a Manger! He belts it out all day long! They must have learned it at preschool because he's been singing it for a week or so. I was so proud of him at church because his Sunday School Teacher told me that he was the only one who knew all the words to it!!!

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