YUMMY in Japanese!

Pop was in town for the day and took Little Hauss and me out for dinner to a sushi restaurant (one of our faves) and then to get ice cream (even though it was 42 degrees and windy). Well, since they didn't have a children's menu, we got LH some teryaki chicken skewers and rice while Pop and I ordered a sushi boat for 2.
So, as our salads and miso soup were brought to the table, LH was practically crawling over me to get to the ginger dressing soaked lettuce with his very cool "special" chopsticks! I started putting some salad on a plate for him and our sweet server brought him his very own salad! He had so much fun picking at his salad and slurping the rest of my soup!
She brought the skewers first and he was very excited about them (probably because they were on a stick - a four year old boy loves anything you can eat off a stick) until our sashimi/sushi boat came out! He almost dug his chopsticks into a blob of wasabi before I caught his arm!
I kept trying to talk him into eating more of his chicken, but he couldn't seem to take his eyes (and chopsticks) off the sushi!
I gave him a california roll thinking he would like that best - WRONG! He practically spit it out! Then he wanted a salmon roll - which I just assumed he would dislike because of the wrap. He asked to just have the "middle" (the fish). No rice, no wrap, just fish! Ok, why not - suuuureee.
He LOVED it!
So, needless to say, Pop and I shared some chicken skewers and rice along with sushi while LH snacked on some shrimp, tuna (ahi and yellowfin), and salmon. No rice, no soy sauce - just fish!
We thanked Santiago (the chef) personally and told him we would definitely be bringing daddy back with us next time for a family dinner!
This is so much fun that I have another sushi partner!

***I did check to see if eating sushi would affect LH at his age, and it won't - he just shouldn't eat tuna more than once a week due to higher mercury levels!***

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