He said What - take 2!

Little Hauss has been at it again. He continues to say the funniest things and keeps us laughing.

While over at Mauggie's, he got out a ball of yarn and rolled it out along the floor. When he started putting it back together, he handed it to me and said "I can't yarn it up anymore". Huh? but too funny.

Hubby and I were having a moment in the kitchen (just a hug) and LH comes up asking if there is room for three? So sweet!

I was taking LH to Mauggie's on Saturday morning and on the way there he informs me that when we get there, he will get out of the car all by himself, walk up the sidewalk all by himself, open the door and go up the stairs all by himself, and I don't need to come with him. Ok, that's fine. We get there, he climbs to the front seat (because he can't open the back door all by himself) and proceeds to ask me how he does this? How do you do what? Open the door - I've never done that before he said. Oh, pull on the handle! Ok, bye Momma! As I'm speed dialing Mauggie to tell her he is heading in all by himself, he is standing at the front door waving me off telling me that I can go now! Already? He's not 12 yet!

We've been taking him to church with us (big church as he calls it) and getting him used to sitting there for a whole hour! Its a challenge and we usually don't remember much of anything the sermon is about, but eventually he'll be more acclimated. Yesterday, we were taking communion, and as they start talking about the bread of life, LH, grabs his tummy and said, "do we get to eat the bread next?" Yes I said. "Oh good, I'm hungry and need a snack!" Ok, not really the purpose of communion, but it'll have to do for now!

I can't remember what day this was last week, but we were putting the dogs downstairs and he helped me open the door to the basement and told me that Zeus's boy parts were wiggling (he's not fixed)! Oh my!

All in all he's really well behaved and listens pretty well, but lately, he's been giving us some attitude and arguing! It grates at my nerves when he back talks, but its even funnier when he's correcting us (but I would never let him know that it's funny)!

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Tiffany and Jamie said...

Room for three and boy parts wiggling!!!! Hilarious.