When you're hurt and can't work...

Or part-time, knocked up and have no maternity leave benefits, Aflac is your insurance of choice!

Ok, to clarify, I'm not preggers, but we are working on it!

Seriously though, we are getting Aflac to cover me for that moment when I'll need it the most! I am part time and hubby has wonderful health insurance, but it doesn't pay me for my time off work. I mean, they love me and all, but they aren't going to pay me for having a baby! I'm lucky they will keep my position open while I'm out (when that day comes).
We needed to have a plan - because I love a plan! And this plan pays me!!! Can't beat that. We sign papers tomorrow and the policy will be in effect as of then. The catch is you have to have the policy in place for 40 weeks (9 months by any OBGYN's calendar, but 10 months by any pregnant woman's calendar) before reaping any benefits!
The cool thing about this coverage, is it isn't only for maternity, but for any accient or hospital stay! So, heaven forbid I puncture a lung or break my back, I'm covered! Nice!

I wasn't sure about this, but after talking to my agent (and friend) I'm sold! Also, it's fairly inexpensive! Gotta love it!


Mags said...

I'm a big fan of AFLAC. They covered 60% of my salary when I was placed on bed rest for 5 months when pregnant with my twins...and then for another 6w after they were born.

Kim said...

I need to get the scoop on this. We don't have maternity benefits here so they'll keep my job, but I won't get paid either. Of course, I've gotta get prego first.