He said what?

Oh, Little Hauss has been cracking us up this weekend...

We were reading a book the other night and as I started on the first page, he stopped me and told me that I never said who illustrated the book! What? I've never said "illustrated by". They must do that at school! Either way, it blew me away that he even mentioned the illustrations!

LH told us today after Church that piggy was not his girlfriend anymore, but her older sister Ricola was. I asked why and he said because when he asked piggy, she shook her head no, so he wanted Ricola! Even funnier, their mom text me and said that they were talking about how funny LH was on the way home. I told her of his decision to change girlfriends, and we were laughing that they were already fighting over boys!

We were in the car running errands and LH wanted a snack, but he said after we go to the Orange Store (aka Home Depot), can we get a bite to eat? A bite ot eat? Hubby was laughing that he said that and asked where he heard it? Mommy! I guess I say that! Who knew!

Last Thursday on our way home, Gigi and I were chatting in the car on the phone. She asked if he would talk to her....so I asked LH if he wanted to talk to Gigi. He said, um, no, but I will on Saturday! So, the next time we talked, which was probably Friday, I asked if he wanted to talk to Gigi, and he said, um, no, in December!!! The funny thing is that he is dead serious but he has no concept of time!!! He finally talked to her last night!

Today at lunch, he had 8 grapes on his plate (he counts everything) and Hubby asked if he divided them in half, how many would he have. Since LH takes everything so literally, he started biting each grape in half and putting the other half back on the plate! We were just in stitches because he was doing exactly what his daddy asked but not what Hubby meant! But you couldn't be mad at him, because he wasn't doing anything wrong! Too cute.

I'm sure there were more, but I can't think of them now! We just love him so much!

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JR911 said...

That gave me a great laugh! I just love the little things boys come up with to say. Mine asked me what sexual "reefrences" (that's how he pronounced it) were. He saw it on a rating of a movie and asked an honest question....we are having loads of fun with the term reefrences!