Christmas is 44 days away!!!!!

But, we can't forget about one of the most important Holidays that hits right between Halloween and Christmas - yes, Thanksgiving!
It is actually one of my favorites. Maybe because it isn't over commercialized - the only hoopla you see is at the grocery store! It is a perfect holiday to focus on family and what we are truely thankful for! I love that I get about 5 days to be off work, spend time watching the Macy's Parade, spends hours and hours in the kitchen with my mom (yes, I live in the kitchen, but LOVE it), playing outside or watching the boys play outside, start getting Christmas decorations out and just relaxing!
This morning, I was discussing how wonderful Thanksgiving is and asking LH what he was thankful for. He said me, daddy, and the dogs! Tonight we will work on more things and see what he comes up with. I told him that we would go through some of his toys and books this weekend so he could pick out things he doesn't play with or want anymore and we could donate it to children who don't have any toys! He was really excited about that! =)
Every year, our Sunday School class provides meals for 2 needy families in our area and this year we will help deliver them. I'm excited that LH will be able to go along and meet these special people that we are helping. I know he's only 4, but he's so perceptive, that I'm hoping he starts to understand just how blessed we are! But again, because he is only 4, and he doesn't necessarily see any differences - which is a blessing in itself! They just see people and love them no matter what! Love experiencing things through a child's eyes!

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JR911 said...

I, too, love that children that age are so innocent and not full of the world's prejudices and biases (generally). They see things as they are and can really give the adults in their life a new perspective as well.

I love watching my children give to others and the experience of joy they get from that too.