Busy with New Projects

I finally got to paint some today and made lots of new festive items just in time for the Holidays! Things are going to get busy soon because I've agreed to do some open houses with a friend of mine who makes jewelry and paints beautiful art. She started doing open houses last year and invited me to join her the end of this month! We've already got 3 shows scheduled! Check out the new products at Glitzy Creations! I'm excited!
This is part of my "evalution". I was debating how much time and energy I wanted to devote to my painting. I have done it for years and always gave as gifts or did small orders for friends but now I'm thinking that I'll really pursue it more agressively. By doing the open houses, I'll get a better client list for emails and updates and hopefully a few more open houses throughout the year. I finally have time to devote to it now that I'm only working part time and Little Hauss is more self sufficient and can entertain himself for longer periods!
This should be fun!

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