Maybe its the age (30 - aghh) or maybe I'm just in a phase of my life, but I am evaluating. I'm evaluating my plans, goals, objectives, calling, and purpose! I sound like a company during its annual goals & objective review or evaluation of their mission statement, but that's kind of what it is for my life.

Things have changed in my life - with friends, family, work, and just my outlook on life (some good, some not so good) but I'm adjusting. I'm determined to find what it is I'm searching for and I know that it will I will come to terms with what it is I need to focus on. So, I'm changing goals - not necessarily setting new, but just tweaking!

I don't expect changes overnight or that it will be easy, but I'm prepapred for whatever it takes to get my goals accomplished and I feel good about that! Better than I thought I would.

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JR911 said...

Don't leave us hanging....what are the tweaked goals?? How can we help??