Dixieland Delight

We were in Tennessee this past weekend for a short visit with the family and to go to my cousin's wedding. Friday was great as we got to visit with an old friend and her sweet baby boy in Knoxville for lunch as we headed on to Chattanooga or Chagganooga as LH says. I got some cute pics of the boys bonding and will post soon I promise!

The weekend was fast but we did manage to relax and visit with both grandmothers. We got to see an IMAX show Under the Sea at the Aquarium and LH loved it (all except that part of one of the fish snacking on a Dory-like fish)
- kind of scarred him for life. It was 3-D and he had his hand stretched out the entire time trying to touch everything on the screen! It was adorable. We all really enjoyed it! And it was FREE - my aunt can get tickets for most anything downtown, so we were in luck!

The wedding was great! LH looked so grown up and handsome! He had on a madras sports coat that was just too cute for words (and yes I have pics of that too)! He did really well and danced the whole time!

We got back fairly early on Sunday (around 12:30) so we still had the whole afternoon to enjoy. We let LH ride his bike and play outside until he was too exhausted to move. He and daddy took a LONG nap and I enjoyed a few Lifetime/Hallmark movies.
All in all, it was a great weekend! Love my family!

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