Falling Back

And loving every minute of it.

This is my favorite time of year and it will be a little cooler soon, which I love even more! NOW, this is not to be confused with loving Winter, but just cooler temperatures! I do not love or even like snow! Never have. I opted out of snowball fights, most snowmen building and yes, even sleighriding! It's just not my thing....

I do however, love walks through paths of changing leaves, a hike through the mountains, drives on the parkway, and having homemade soups and grilled cheese sandwiches with a fire cuddled up under a blanket!

With Fall Back right ahead of us (this Sunday by the way), I've finally gotten back into my routine and normal -ish lifestyle of menu planning, coupon shopping and feeling on top of things! I have planned out a menu for the next 2 weeks and have a shopping list ready to go with coupons and sales in mind! I set out LH's outfits for this entire week and mine too! This is something that has taken a back burner, but has me running frantic every morning! Laundry is done (thanks Hubby), and the kitchen counter has stayed clutter free for about 4 weeks now!!!! The budget is holding up pretty strong and I'm finding great deals for Christmas presents and such (so its keeping me in check to our budget and even a little leftover if I'm lucky)!

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