Pretty in Pink

I'm going to be a aunt in September! September 7th no less - Little Hauss' birthday - more on that later. And I'll have a NIECE! My brother and his girlfriend just found out yesterday that they are having a little girl! I'm so excited. They are very excited too! My parents are thrilled because now they will have one of each to spoil. My mom is on her way up here today so I'm sure they will have a boat load of new girly things by the time she goes home on Sunday!

So, dad came in yesterday for work and took us all out to dinner to celebrate the good news. Little Hauss was full of himself as usual. He loves Sherry (my brother's girlfriend) and was attached to her hip the whole time. They gave us little ultrasound pictures and even gave one to Little Hauss! They told him the baby was a little girl and that they would be cousins and that she could possibly have the same birthday! He was ok with the girl part, but cousins is kind of tricky for him right now and he was less than thrilled about the sharing a birthday!

He's having a hard time figuring out how boys and girls can be cousins. He has told me that "they can't be cousins because he's a boy and she's a girl" when we were talking about some friends of ours. He only knows his cousin, who is a boy just like him. I think that'll be easier to deal with once she's here - but this birthday sharing business is gonna be crazy!

In my family, we share lots of birthdays - I share my birthday with my cousin's daughter, but thre are so many more! So, it is very possible that this little girl will in fact share her birthday with Little Hauss! I guess we'll just have to wait and see and deal with it when it comes!

Speaking of birthdays, this year will be his first "real big boy" birthday party. I want to invite friends of his from school and church, but don't really know if I can have all those people at the house. I also don't want to spend tons of money at a place to have it....so any suggestions? He's going to be 4, and there will be about 10-12 kids invited plus parents? I obviously want something that will be fun and not too crazy for me to deal with - like Chuck - E - Cheeze. I know it seems early, but like I said, I'm a planner!


JR911 said...

I have recently discovered that my church is a great place to hold the kids' birthday parties. I ask the pastor, make sure it's not on a Sunday and clean up after we're done.....quick, easy and FREE!

With the playground and land the church is on, there are plenty of places for the kids to run and play outside. We have picinic tables so if it's nice during our kids' parties, we do everything outside. If not, we go into the fellowship hall and party there.

Maybe your church has a place like this and would allow it?

Jamison Family said...

I'm all about planning. I am already picking up Cars stuff for Andrews birthday in August. If I can get it on clearance it's a great deal! I can't wait to hear what theme you come up with.

Kim said...

If your church has a fellowship hall, that would be perfect. Most churches don't charge members to use the facility. When Gavin was in kindergarten, I had his birthday party in the fellowship hall at Laura's church. We had a pinata, pizza and cake, and TMNT decor. The kids played outside on the playground. As long as his friends are there, he will love it. Remember, they aren't that old and you will have to entertain them and keep there attention for anything you want to do. Just let them run wild outside, it's easier. hee hee