To clarify on the new cleaning products, I haven't tried these solutions yet. I am using up all the other cleaners I have now before I start making these because I don't want to waste anything.

I have used baking soda and vinegar for other things before and have seen positive results. I am not a big fan of "anti" bacterial soaps and all that! I feel that a little bit of bacteria is useful and without it, there can actually be more sickeness and issues. I think that a little dirt never hurt anyone - in fact, its almost necessary to have a little so the body can learn to fight off the germs.

Also, I've got a few more things to add to my saving money list:

Foam soap - Little Hauss does so much better with the foam than the regular pump soap - and its a lot less messy. I just got the suds pump from Pampered Chef and it is amazing. I only use a fraction of liquid soap and then fill the rest with water - presto, foam soap. You can also try this with old bottles of the foam soap from places like Bath and Body Works or even just the drug store foam soap bottles (if they will open). Put about 1 inch or so of liquid soap (the PC suds pump gives you a fill line) and then fill with water - leaving about 1/2 inch at the top. Put lid on and gently shake/rock back and forth to mix. This little trick is cheap!!! I think I can buy a large refill soap container for about $5 and it'll last forever! So much better than spending at least $1 or more on each soap dispenser!

Teeth Whitening - Instead of spending tons of money on those kits and high priced procedures, try mixing baking soda and water to form a "paste" and brush with that. A dentist told me this once. A DENTIST TOLD ME THIS!!!! Now, it might not be as dramatic as the others, but it should definitely be noticable. Do this in addition to regular brushing!

Reuse Plastic Bags and Foil - I'm starting to sound way cheap I admit, but I can't stand throwing away ziplock bags and barely used foil! IF the bag contained something dry like cereal or snack crackers, then I have been known to wash it out and reuse it. Same with foil. IF it was used to just "cover" a dish in the oven or tent it to keep it warm, it can be rinsed and reused! I really prefer to use plastic containers for packing snacks and lunches. I try not to use bags if at all possible.

Ok. That's all I have. I think I've exhausted all my cheap tricks for now!

I'll keep you posted on whether or not these cleaning products really handle the job.

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Kim said...

My mom used to make us bring home the baggies she packed our lunches in. And ours weren't even the zippy kind. They were the fold over kind. Now that's serious!!!