So, I feel like I've turned into this crazed woman hunting down deals, coupons, and freebies, but I assure you, I haven't! I'm just on a roll and wanted to pass along a few more things!

First of all, in honor of Earth Day, Reynolds Wrap is now making foil completely of recycled aluminum! They are giving away a FREE roll TODAY ONLY!!! It's actually a rebate! But still, it ends up being FREE after you mail it in. Check it out at www.reynolds100.com and enter your info to print off the rebate form. Only one per household!

Another freebie is the reusable shopping bag from Kroger. You need to go to www.kroger.com and enter to win teh $1000 in free groceries!!! Who couldn't use that? So, in order to enter, you need to "design" a shopping bag for the contest. It doesn't take too much time and it's very simple. Once you enter that, you get a free bag!

Ok, this last one is interesting and I warn you that I've not tried it and my source was an E-mail forward, so I can't say if it is true! If it works as good as it says it will, it will be my new best friend for the next few months!

Use Listerine for bug spray? I know it sounds completely wacko, but at about $2 a bottle, it might be worth a try instead of those pricy yucky smelling bug sprays! So, the idea is to pour into a sprayer/sray bottle and douse the deck, furniture, door frames, swing sets, standing water, you name it! It did say to not spray directly on wood, like a door, but the frame instead! I'm anxious to see if it really does a good job! I'll let you know!


JR911 said...

You are still just a Padawon Learner....some day you can become a Jedi Master like me! :o)

Kim said...

So you spray the Listerine to kill bugs? And you use it to kill the bacteria in your mouth. If you weren't worried about swallowing it before, it will make you think twice now, huh? How about this? Instead of just spraying it around, put it in your mouth and swish it around and then spit it all over your house. Now that's recycling!!!