I hope I survive

In less than 2 hours, Little Hauss and I'll be on our way to the beach! We have to make a stop on the way to pick up my mother in law from work but from there we'll only have about 4 1/2 hours or less until we are breathing in the salty air!

I will NOT be taking the laptop with us. This is going to be a REAL vacation! Family, Fun, Sun, Sand, Water and NO internet - I hope I can survive a week laptop free! I am so excited though, I can't stand it! I'm a little sad that Hubby can't join us and will be stuck here working and such while we are soaking up some rays! Don't feel sorry for him yet....he enjoys the quiet time and he's even got a day trip planned on Saturday to the hills of Charleston, WV. Hopefully he wins big in his card games!

A few other things before I forget -

First of all, I passed my test!!!!!! I got the letter in the mail yesterday!!!!! Now, onto the next and final test - probably in June!

Second - We finished our audit at work yesterday and passed with flying colors! The actual audit process wasn't difficult because we were so prepared, but it was mentally exhausting. I worked over 35 hours in 3 days! My brain was mashed potatoes and I went to bed before 9 last night!

Third - I chopped my hair again!!! I love my new do! Check out the new profile pic and you can see!

Happy Easter to everyone...I'll fill you in on all the beach events when we return!


JR911 said...

Have fun! We'll miss you!

Jamison Family said...

Love the haircut!

Kim said...

I like the new hair!! I haven't had mine cut since I left the pokey. I'm "letting it grow". For the millionth time. For any that don't know, this means that I'm too lazy to get it cut and eventually I'll get tired of it and will get it cut.

Have fun at the beach!! We will miss you and your bloggings.