Eggcellent Fun

Last weekend we went to our Church Spring Festival and had a wonderful time hunting easter eggs, juming in the bounce house, and playing with friends!

Little Hauss was very excited about his easter egg hunt! This year they divided the parking lot and grounds into sections based on age, so every child had a fair chance of getting plenty of eggs! Well, we were a little late, so we missed these instructions and Little Hauss was too cute when he started picking up an egg in the wrong section - I told him that wasn't his section, and he sweetly placed the egg back where he found it! Wouldn't want to get caught snatching an egg that wasn't in your designated section - especially at church!

Here are some visuals of our beautiful day!

Finally - a family photo
Fun in the bounce house

Cool orange and yellow easter egg!

Found one!

I think he has a mouthful of candy!!!!

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