Locked Out

This is what happens when you grow up and try to become repsonsible. You get married, buy cars, and have babies. All of these events come with documentation. All this documentation needs to be kept in a safe place - like a safe deposit box. Simple enough. Fairly inexpensive for the reassurance that all of your personal information is kept locked up tight!

That is until you LOSE your keys to get you in that safe place!!!!!!! Aaaaaggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!! Hubby says don't freak out. Apparently he forgot who he married almost 7 years ago!! I'm beyond freaked. Now, I wouldn't be as freaked out if I didn't NEED to get into said safe deposit box! That wonderful cruise we booked requires passports to board which requires certified copies of birth certificiates which are in box with no key!

This will consume me. Well, it will consume Hubby who will use his alone time this weekend to look for lost keys! I will be drinking lots of alcoholic beverages on the beach while Little Hauss is playing golf or fishing or whatever he does with his Papa! I am so ready for this vacation!

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