What I've found so far!

So, I didn't make it out shopping over the weekend, so I settled for online browsing! Here are a few pairs of shoes I think that might work! I really like the chunky mary jane type shoe. I do wear them to work, but mostly I like with jeans and nice top.....I'm trying really hard to look more grown up, ya know, now that I'll be 30 this year! I mean, I would really hate to end up on What Not To Wear one day!!!!
These were found on websites of local stores like Target, Payless (YAY -cheapo I like lots), and The Shoe Dept. I know that inevitably I will have to make the dreaded trip to go to these stores and try them on, but I just don't know where to find the time!
I know I'm getting older because I'm going for more comfort and casual than trendy and funky! There were days where I would wear a shoe that would KILL my feet just because they looked H.O.T.!!! I just don't have the patience for it now! And, I stick mostly with blacks, browns and muted tones, but I'll never forget the red leather peep toe slingbacks I had in college!!! Did I mention H.O.T? these were smokin'!!

Other than online browsing some, we didn't have much of an eventful weekend. Friday was spent at a friends house (just me and Little Hauss) so Hubby could catch up on some sleep. We had such a good time....Little Hauss was so good and sweet! My girlfriend has such a kid friendly house. She doesn't have children, but between me and some other friends, she has plenty visit! So, she keeps kid cuisines and juice boxes on hand along with a fun filled toy box!!! They all love this and it entertains them for hours! Little Hauss asked if he could stay all night, so I'm sure there is a slumber party in the works for the summer!
Saturday, Hubby convinced me that it would fun to help him clean up from cutting down the trees and clear all the brush! Yeah, notsomuch!! It was freezing and lots of limbs, branches, etc that we hauled to the curb.....did I mention it was freezing? We were all popsicles when we left but I did get some exercise! I guess that counts for something since we didn't make it to the gym!
Yesterday was nice and lazy! After church, we just lounged while Little Hauss napped! I love those kinds of days! I actually put something in the crockpot, so I didn't even have to cook!!!
Now, back to the grind! I can't wait to have my normal Friday off!!! =)

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Kim said...

Now I have those red shoes!!! I might have to pull them out when I get ready for bed since we are trying to get pregnant!!!