Baby Fever

I have a few baby showers coming up soon which has manifested into major baby fever for me! It's been burried deep down for a while, but now is slowly coming to the surface! I know that in an earlier post, I made reference to thinking about thinking about trying come late summer/early fall, but now I'm on a mission! We ARE NOT trying yet at all! Believe me, there are a few steps that need to be taken before that's really possible, however, we are seriously discussing the details of when to start trying! Major planning on ours parts is necessary this time around!
As I've said before, I work part time. Therefore, I have no benefits of sicks days or maternity leave. SO, we have to really calculate my time off with a good savings plan as well as adjusting for a newborn in this household (i.e. diapers, daycare, etc). We are fairly certain that with our careful budgeting/savings plan that HUBBY developed, we can do this and be A-OK!
I know you may think I'm completely insane for planning this early, but I have to. Partly its my type A personality, but in addition, its necessary to think that far ahead with such a big life change! Either way, there will be some changes in this household within a year or so! It can't come soon enough!

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JR911 said...

I wish more people would be like you...having a baby is a serious committment and a financial drain! Get your ducks in a row, but know that there is never a "perfect" time. What a blessing though...I can't wait for the time that I can see you waddling around here! Will you let me rub your belly?? :o)