25 Random Things About Me!

I did this on Facebook, so thought I would post here as well:

1. I can't bake. AT ALL. I am all about box mixes! This doesn't mean I won't stop trying.
2. I plan plan plan. I am notorious for planning to plan. My fiends just love it! Yeah right! Can't help it....I like to have my calendar all marked up with things to do.
3. I love blogging. I read them, have my own and check them daily.
4. I don't do laundry. EVER.
5. I love love love when Little Hauss crawls in bed with us and snuggles up for the early morning sleep.
6. I didn't keep my maiden name as my middle name....I think my dad was kind of upset about this.
7. I married my high school sweetheart. This September we'll be together 14 years. Married 7 in August. I love him more and more everyday and couldn't imagine my life without him.
8. I love my job more than I ever imagined I would and really miss the girls I work with on the weekends and our morning coffee talks!
9. I change my hair often. I have to change the cut, style, color, whatever. I just get the urge and have to do it....NOW! My hairdresser is fabulous and just goes along!
10. I love to paint but don't do it as often as I would like. I do the glassware for commisison, but haven't done anything for myself in years. I hope to work on some canvases this year....
11. I don't call my grandmothers as much as I should. I miss them dearly and see them at least 4-5 times a year. I really should make an effort to do that!
12. I am excited about my new Monday night bible study and hope to learn a lot.
13. I'm in the choir at Church.
14. I cut cupons every Sunday, download coupons to my Kroger card weekly, and plan a menu and actually stick to it for all meals every week! See number 2.
15. I have a thing for Sean Connery. I think it's the voice. I just love it.
16. I bite my nails when I'm nervous, scared, thinking.....I try really hard to make myself stop and have grown them out on occasion. Usually only last a couple months! It's an ongoing process.
17. I hate scary movies. I hate freaky wierd movies. I just don't like them at all.
18. I love to watch FoodTV. Usually our tv is turned to NOGGIN, but sometimes I can change it...
19. I miss my parents so much. I wish they lived here again. Still holding out for them to come back for retirement soon!
20. I think Little Hauss looks like me too. Most people only see his daddy in him, but I can see my dad, brother and myself. I wish everyone could see it too!
21. I worry about Hubby and his line of work. I don't think about it much, but when I do I can get upset.....You never know what can happen. He does look good in uniform so that's a positive.
22. I like a good cry....usually comes when watching a sappy girly movie.
23. I love to hear Little Hauss talk.....I do, I promise and NO, I'm not jealous because he takes up my talking time...really!
24. I drink more coffee now than ever before. I used to drink about 5 diet dr. peppers a day, but now can drink 2-3 cups of coffee and be fine!
25. I make the bed while Hubby is still in it....just so I can get in it too! I have a thing about getting in a made up bed.

If you want, do it too!!! I love to learn about my cyber friends!


JR911 said...

Hmmmm....never tried this, but here it goes:

1. I love Star Trek-The Next Generation. I own every season on DVD and probably don't go a week without watching at least one episode! I know...I'm a geek.

2. I love my hubby dearly...he is a blessing from God and a wonderful man.

3. I am very much a introverted person. I don't have many friends and only spend time with my family.

4. I live in BFE (more like 10 miles past BFE)....no really, ask KPC!

5. I have never spent more than 2years in the same school growing up. I moved quite frequently.

6. I love my church and my family, they mean the world to me.

7. I don't worry about my husband's job at all or even when he was in Iraq. I know the Lord has set the day for all of us and has planned everything out.

8. I can't stand whiny people...man up and deal with it - whatever it is!

9. I also can't stand laziness and incompetence....it drives me up a wall (there's a lot of that going on lately).

10. I am a school addict...weird, I know. I have been a college student FOREVER and just keep adding on the degrees.

11. I am a California girl who now raises goats, chickens and rabbits (my mom laughs at that regularly).

12. I love to do artsy things, but I am not creative and need someone to guide me!

13. I love to cook...I find I don't have the time during the week to go all out, but I do try.

14. I need to be busy all the time....I can't stand sitting around doing nothing.

15. I too plan a lot, but no where near what it sounds like you do!

16. I choose the people I talk to about my personal life or issues VERY carefully. You can't be too careful, especially in a work place.

17. I am the only one in my household that knows how to (or will) change the oil in a car, shovel ice/snow, mow the grass, and do repairs around the house. my hubby is a house-"b" and we like it that way!

18. I LOVE to coupon shop. I always walk out of Kroger, CVS or Walgreens with $100 worth of items for free or cheap.

19. My daughter is a giant. She jsut turned 13 and is taller than me with a size 10 foot!

20. I HATE to shop (other than couponing). The mall is like hell to me and I am too cheap to buy anything anyway!

OurFamily said...

Yeah, I can't bake either. My Mother-in-Law believes that every woman should and purchased me a severely in-depth baking cookbook...I think I could attempt 4 of the 100+ recipes! *sigh*...I could always try to perfect those 4, right?!