What is your best side?

Of the bed? I prefer the right, well, left of bed if you are looking at the headboard, but right if you are in it facing the foot!
I don't know why, I just do. It's really odd acutally, because Hubby and I have been together for about a zillion years and we've just always had our sides. There was no discussion or switching of sides to make sure we were comfy. It just was, is! Never will change I'm pretty sure as long as we live sharing a bed! I apparently don't conform to change very well. I like things the way I like them, so that's how they have to be. Period!
So, for years, Hubby has worked nights. He is gone 5 nights out of the week, leaving me the spacious bed all to myself. I can sleep wherever my heart desires. Middle, his side, upside down, anywhere. I have full reign and can take advantage of the openess all I want. But I don't.
Now, who in their right mind does that? Me. I totally sleep on my side of the bed. I'm nutso, I know, but I just can't seem to get comfortable or relaxed unless I'm on my side.
Hubby could care less about sides. I mean, he has one 2 nights a week when he's home with me, but other than that, he has no boundaries! He's all about spreading out and taking full advantage of all that space. Kicking up the covers, squishing my pillow, pulling the sheets free from the tucked corners....with no regard to the fact that just a few short hours after he gets out of the bed I get in it.
In all fairness, most of the 5 nights he's gone, he has "made" the bed for me. Its a sweet gesture and means a lot because I have a slight neurotic side that won't allow me to enter an unmade bed. Wierd I know, but oh well, love it or hate it - that's just me!

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