Ladies and Gentlemen.....

Welcome to the Big Top! Yep, we went to the circus! It was the Kazim Shriner's Circus. Little Hauss LOVED it.
My friend's dad is a Shriner and just happen to have 2 tickets up for grabs, so Little Hauss and I got them!!! Hubby had to work, blah! so he got to miss out on all the fun! I think he was a little dissappointed that he couldn't tag a long!
It started at 7:30, so to avoid the type of scene we had last year (ya know, the one that any parent of a toddler has dealt with....screaming and kicking, slashing arms, and bowing back.....that type of tantrum that you swear that everyone in the ENTIRE place is staring daggers into you, you are prespiring so much, you're afraid that everyone can smell the sweat seeping from your pores, and your flushed, flustered and about ready to die of embarrassment - yeah, that scene.....yeah, that was us and we barely made it in the tent before we were heading back to the car!), so, I waited until almost 7 to leave the house....and did NOT tell Little Hauss where we were going. We had to park out in a land far far away and take a shuttle to the civic center. Little Hauss actually asked me if that was his surprise....the bus!! Doesn't take much with this one! SO, I finally had to spill the beans about where we were going and he proceeded to talk (very loud I might add) about the BIG circus and asked everyone if the would like to come with?
Got there and found a seat......took a little while to start, but once the lights went out, he was like a deer in headlights! The elephant "Bo" was our favorite! You should see the tricks this guy does! Amazing. We liked the trapeze and tigers jumping through fire as well!
Intermission came and we jet! He was about done and I knew what was waiting for me after cotton candy and sprite if we didn't leave soon! He passed out within blocks of leaving the parking garage he was so wiped out!
My biggest accomplish of the night is that I didn't walk out of there with a glow in the dark sword or stuffed elphant on a stick! AND, we got outta there before he even had a chance to ask to ride a "Bo"! I mean they are cute (up in the bleachers), but up close and personal....couldn't imagine how long that smell would stay with you!!!

If you have a chance to go to a Shriner's circus you should!!! Support your local Shriner Temple!

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