So much fun!

Sorry for being out to touch for a few days-we're in GA visiting Gigi and Pop and have been having too much fun to blog!
Thanks to Little Hauss for the 5:45 wake up call this morning, I'm able to post a little something!

The trip down was wonderful! Little Hauss is so used to traveling and is usually really good in the car...even for 7 hrs! This time was no different. He had his leap pad and dvd player to entertain him for the ride down and did not disappoint!

Friday we woke up early (not as early as today) and got ready to brave the frigid cold outside so we could explore the Imagine It! Children's Interactive Museum downtown Atlanta! If you live near ATL or have something similar in your area, I strongly reccommend taking your child! It was so much fun. Little Hauss was in heaven. I promise to post pictures and a video soon! There were all types of learning things for their little hands and minds to explore - it was really neat. There were a lot of preschools there as well, so it was fun to watch Little Hauss interact with all the other children!
We met Pop for lunch at The Varsity for some old fashion hot dogs and greasy fries (um, except me, who ate a grilled chicken salad - I'm really surprised they even had something healthy on the menu)! Little Hauss went back to the house with Pop and Hubby for a nap and mom and I went shopping at IKEA! I love that store. We returned to the house and litterally got in our pjs, started a fire and cozied up to the couch because it was too cold to do anything else!
Yesterday, we got to sleep in until about 7:30ish...and then started our busy day of running around. We hit up Trader Joes for some wine and beer (very unique flavors at a great price) and went to some random Japanese Market (my dad's a little obsessed with sushi) then back to the house to drop the boys off and more shopping for me and mom!
I've been looking for new casual/dress black shoes that are comfy! There is a DSW shoes here, so went there and found way too much! I really shouldn't wonder why I never have any money leftover! I spend it all here!!! Found a cute mary jane wedge for HALF off!!! Can't beat that! and then found some adorable tennis shoes - I think they are called bikers shoes. They are really light weight and thinner soul, but perfect for running around! Those were a steal too!
Last night we headed to an all you can eat sushi restaurant and I'm pretty sure I'm still full! I didn't even eat that much, but it was soooooooo yummy! I'm fairly certain that is one the only reasons Hubby made the trip! Hehe! One of my parents neighbors watched Little Hauss (they have 2 little girls around the same age) and he had such a good time, he didn't even want to come home!
Today we'll hopefully get to see one of my friends from high school and her family and then my cousins are heading over here later this afternoon for some old fashion game playing! We've got board games, checkers, pool and I'm sure we'll be watching some football!
Fun times....I hate that we'll be leaving tomorrow!

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