Gingerbread Man, goose egg, and liquid crack

KPC from Look, there's a chicken came over on Tuesday and painted!! She did a fabulous job and I can't wait to see what she will be creating next. Below is her plate she made. She has a few embellishments to do around the edges, but here's what she got done so far:

On another note, I went to pick up Little Hauss yesterday at school and the teacher asked me what happened to his head???? What do you mean, what happened? I look, and there is a HUGE golf ball sized goose egg popping out of his forehead!!!! There is a vertical bruised line in the center of it and it looked horrible. The teacher claims that he noticed after snack and in his defense, I really didn't notice at first because Little Hauss's hair covers most of it. He said he asked Little Hauss about it when he first noticed it, and Little Hauss had conflicting stories. 1- Another kid pushed him into a wall and 2 - it happened at home! Well, Little Hauss did have a run in with the bathtub the previous night, but it was with daddy, so I never knew where he got hurt or if it caused a knot! I assumed if had been that bad, daddy would have definitely said something. So, the teacher and I tried to talk to Little Hauss, but he really wouldn't cooperated and I told teacher that I would get to the bottom of this and let him know today. Well, after Little Hauss had a snack and we had some time to chill at home, both Hubby and I tried to get it out of him. Well, we did and yes in fact another kid had pushed him. Well, by the looks of it, I would think that he was pushed into a corner of two adjoining walls due to the line and size of knot!! I know he's a tough kid, but I would also assume that he cried at least a little!!! So, my concern is, why didn't anyone notice until snack??? AFTER naptime??? Really, that could have been dangerous to let him sleep after such a blow!
Nevertheless, I spoke with teacher this morning at drop off and he will follow up. So, I guess we'll just wait and see. Note: the kid that did the pushing has a few strikes against him already!!
Hubby said, that he might just have to teach Little Hauss another way to handle the situation next time!! That's all I need....

And for the liquid crack, aka starbucks! I have been dragging all week, but knew that with a long trip ahead of me today, I would be in need of something to put the pep back into my step!!! So, I flew through the drive thru this morning on my way to preschool for a very large aka venti coffee!!! It has done the job!!

Now, we are heading to HOTlanta...well, it aint so hot, but it'll be fun!!!

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