We left the camera in GA! In the side door pocket of my mom's car! This is like losing a limb!!! I hope nothing too cute happens in the next couple of weeks because I won't be able to document it with a picture!!! Depending on when they are headed this way (my dad works up here lots, so it usually isn't too far inbetween visits), I might need them to put it in the mail!

And, my internet was acting all funky last night....one second, online, next, no server!!! Whatever ~ I guess its God's way of helping me with my new years resolution....less laptop time at home!! More time with family!

I will have some pics and a cutie video to post soon because mom is sending me the ones that she snapped!

Happy Hump Day....can't wait til I'm over it!

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KPC said...

I can't believe you left your camera. Oh no!!! And I know how much you like to take pics.