Food, Friendship, and Painting

I'm super excited about my evening! KPC from Look, There's a Chicken is coming over for the evening to perfect her craftiness! She swears she doesn't have the creative juices flowing, but I'm fairly certain she'll do fantastic!
I'm preparing her a light meal of marinated pork loin, roasted asparagus, and sweet potato "chips" with a decedent low cal dessert of angel food cake, berries and cool whip! We are trying to make healthy food choices and lose some weight, so I don't want to spoil all our hard work!
After dinner, we'll be partaking in some glass painting! I will be working on some wine glasses or an olive oil botte perhaps while she will be doing some glass plates!
More than anything I'm excited about the company!
I'll post pictures of our handiwork soon!

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JR911 said...

You're such a cutie pie!!