On the lookout....again!

This is cute mary jane that I just found on sale for $20 at the DSW shoe store in GA. Well, I've barely gotten them broken in and they are already messed up! The front sole is starting to come apart from the base of the shoe!!!!!! Not.happy.at.all!! So, as these were to replace the other chunky flats I had been wearing for the past few years (that I finally wore out), I'm now in search for another cute chunky flat! I guess I can't complain that my weekend will be filled with shoe shopping, but I am really bummed! Now, I have to wait for my mom to visit so I can send the shoes back with her to return for me! Damn shoe!


JR911 said...

Ever heard of superglue??!! Just kidding....good luck on the shoe hunt - better you than me. I HATE SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hokie Girl said...

Well, good point JR911, however, I would end up with my hands glued together or something silly like that!!!

OurFamily said...

I had the same thing happen to a pair of shoes a couple months ago and I used fabric glue...it worked wonders!