Its almost here! I'm worn out!
I feel like every year, I am busier and busier. This year I had more craft orders than normal and so I guess that had an affect on this already chaotic time! I love it don't get me wrong, but I'm ready for a long break.
This weekend really won't be a break just yet because of all the hustle and bustle with family, friends, and the holiday festivities, but NEXT weekend is what I'm waiting for!!!
Hubby is OFF, read that, OFF, for four long days!!!!!! This never happens and its very rare that when we are all off together, we are at home, with NOTHING planned!!!!! But this time is different.
We considered going to ATL to visit my parents, but really just don't want to make the drive for just a few days. I think we are planning a trip there in February anyway, so we are going to park it at home.
We will not have a sitter for New Year's, so we will not be heading out on the town, but we are going to have a great time!!! Little Hauss got an early gift from Papa and it is an outdoor adventure kit. TENT, binoculars, net, etc..... Well, this will fit perfectly into our plan for a "campout" in the basement on New Year's Eve! I doubt Little Hauss will be able to stay up til midnight, but at least it'll be fun trying!
We will have hotdogs, popcorn, smores, and all kinds of fun "camping" snacks. We will turn downstairs into the wilderness!!! I can't wait. I don't love the outdoors, so this is right up my alley!!!
That will just be the start of our long and hopefully relaxing weekend at home!


KPC said...

You don't like the outdoors? We have a camper. It has A/C. It's nice!!! At least in the basement you won't have to worry about bugs.

Hokie Girl said...

Well, I do like to look outdoors!!! I could do a camper with a bathroom and a/c....I guess I just don't like the bugs and not being able to shower!
I have a few friends trying to get me to go camping...might just happen this year!!! We'll see!