They know me so well....

We did our gift exchange at work this morning and I was like a five year old! If you could have seen me....hilarious!
I LOVE Christmas. I'm up at the crack of dawn, ready to go on Christmas morning. My family's rule is not before 6AM!!!! This is for me! After my brother and I were old enough, the rule was only after 6am AND coffee was made! So, knowing that we were exchanging at work today, I was all giddy!
The other part timer and I are always get to work around 7am, but my boss is usually here a little before 8! I was hoping she'd be in a little earlier so we could go ahead and swap!!! BUT, she came in at 8, which I really don't blame her - it is Monday afterall!
We ate our breakfast and had our coffee, yeah, we work real hard that early in the morning!!!! AND waited to swap gifts.
The girls know me sooooooooooooo well. Its amazing how close we've become in just a few short months and I love that we are such good friends.
So here are a few things that I got from them....AWESOME!!!!!

They loved their gifts as well....something personalized of course!!!! A painted plate (stick figure design) for my boss and her gift card to Lowes, and a painted olive oil dispensing bottle which will be used for dish soap and jewelry set for the other part timer.
Thanks so much for the wonderful and thoughtful gifts! I love them!!!!

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KPC said...

I need to paint an olive oil dispenser for soap as well.