Merry Christmas and Happy Almost New Year!

So, it was a whirlwind.....but very enjoyable!

The festivities started on Christmas Eve. Gigi and Pop were here and we all had a great breakfast at a local diner (aka DIVE) but it was delish! I think 5 of us ate for about $20!!! We made the annual trip to Walmart to get last minute stocking stuffers and then I visited with friends in town for the holidays. Little Hauss and I made some yummy sugar cookies with icing for Santa (um....yeah, right out of a bag!!! NOW, I can do that) that Hubby and I ate most of before they made it to the plate!
We headed to my in-laws for the Christmas Eve Open House. They have a few family and friends over every year and we eat til we are stuffed and just enjoy each other's company. So, off to Church we went....late service of course because I have to sing in the Choir!!! I'm not really sure how much longer I'll do it on Christmas Eve only because it is getting harder and harder to fanagle with Little Hauss.
Ok, now for the big day!!! We got to sleep in until 7:15!!!!!! This is late in case you didn't get that!!! Usually we are up at 6am! Santa was good to him....lots of games and fun things to play with. Then gifts between the 3 of us~ OUR FIRST TIME!!!! It hasn't worked out in the last 4 years to have a Christmas with just us! It was wonderful. So, we then headed over to Gigi and Pop's for a great breakfast and TONS of presents!!!! It really was a wonderful Christmas for everyone. BUT, just crazy busy!!!
We headed home for a 3 hour nap...yes, we all took one! And then up we were, off to Christmas dinner!!! By the time we got home, poor Little Hauss hadn't had a chance to play with one toy!!!! Busy day!
Then, it started over again with Mauggie and Papa and Hubby's family! Big breakfast and the boys running nutso! TONS more presents to open! There was a little scuffle over sharing but its because this is the FIRST Christmas they haven't gotten identical gifts. Mostly the same, but a few things were different....they have to learn sometime! The BEST gift was a personalized dvd for each boy! Little Hauss was Spiderman....it was really neat. I'll find out the website and post the link....he loved that he was a super hero!
After all the celebrations, mom and I went shopping!!! I usually shop after Christmas, but not after Thanksgiving! I want decorations, wrapping paper, etc....but this year, I was on a mission for curtains and housewares! Great Sales!!!
Well, I promise to post pictures!!!! pinky swear!

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