So much for a day off!

I work part time, usually M-Th and take Fridays off! I also substitue teach, when needed! I'm obviously only available on Fridays, and get called fairly often, but I was really hoping to have tomorrow OFF!!! I have sooooooooo much to do, as I'm sure you understand this time of year! They got lucky by calling me TODAY and not at 6am tomorrow!!!! I might not have had the gumption to actually say yes. IF you say NO by the way, they rarely call you back!!!! With the pay, it is SO worth my time. I think it works out to be about 8ish hours or so. I'm usually done by 3 which makes it very nice. Well, I have A LOT of orders for ornaments and glasses, a DOZEN (ornaments) of which are for this weekend and I've done THREE! So, you see my problem here!
I really had planned to work on them tomorrow along with running about 1,200 errands!! Now, you might say, well, you're done at 3, so why not do it all then! Yes, that seems logical, however, I have a standing meeting that I just cannot miss!!! Its a little thing called HAPPY HOUR!!!! The girls haven't been able to get together in ages it seems, so we'll be doing it tomorrow around 4! So, that hour I have in between will be spent running to the store to pick up my bevy of choice and some sort of snack!
Now, with Little Hauss and the Hubby, our Friday nights are not at all glamorous, which would leave plenty of time for the painting, except tomorrow night is the Christmas Parade! And YES, we will be attending, even though it will be FRIGID! I mean, really, its in the 50s all week, and tomorrow it'll be a high of 39 or something ridiculous like that! Seriously!
So, now we're onto Saturday, which will be filled by a birthday party AND Christmas party! I have no idea when I'll find the time, but I WILL get these done!
Oh, and did I mention, that with all this going on, I still need to get laundry done, pack (for me and Little Hauss), make some meals for my men, and clean this nasty house! Oh, and run those 1,200 errands too!!!
The upside to ALL of this chaos is that I will be heading out of town Sunday am to meet my mom, aunts and cousins for a few days of Mommy/Daughter bonding and NO Little Hauss!!! I really do LOVE him dearly, but I need a break!!!!!

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