My version of Home Made Cookies!

I love to cook! Read, COOK, not bake! In fact, I'm not a very good baker. Believe me, I've tried. I attempt to make chocolate chip cookies from scratch about twice a year and it never fails, they don't rise! Now, I didn't say they don't taste really good, because they do, but they look horrible! They are flat and flimsy! Your best bet is to just roll them up into a ball and pop 'em in your mouth! If you try to hold one, it just falls apart!
I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I MEASURE everything and have all the ingredients room temperature! Oh well, not my thing, but I'm sure that won't stop me from trying again!
So, instead of MAKING the actual cookies, which ends up stressing me out, I'm going to be giving the mix in a cute mason jar with the recipe attached to teachers, mail carrier, paper girl, etc. for the holiday season! This way, they can attempt to bake it for themselves and I don't ruin them all and have to come up with something else!
I love to give edibles and things that will be USED as gifts! I'm NOT a fan of gift cards. EVEN if you ask for one, it is my absolute last resort! Our gift giving list is shorter now and we draw names with Hubby's family, with a limit, so I refuse to give a gift card. I love to make gifts, food included, but I know when I've been beat, so I'll just give them all the beginnings of a baked good!!

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