Just about done....

With the redecorating...well, decorating.
Really, it shouldn't take 3 years to get it all done, but I've had other things going on and just have done stuff bit by bit....
In the last house, we were only there 3 years, and I knew that we would move sooner than later, so I did bare minimum!

Ok, so, no pics yet, but they are coming soon...TONIGHT!!! Its my goal!

Some of the things I've DONE:

New Chocolate Brown Shower Curtain, Turquois/Aqua towels, New Bath accessories (brown/beige/turquoise stripe)

New bed linens (ice blue) including pillows, shams, bedskirt, chocolate brown curtains and valances (excuse the ugly curtain rod!!! - didn't know that I needed decorative until we were in the midst of hanging)

Moved old bedroom curtains into office, but then took out desk and will turn into a craft room or possibly a spare room?? still comtimplating that one! HOPEFULLY one day it could be a nursery - but don't hold your breath!!!

New rug for living room/den

New light fixtures for kitchen - not up yet, but bought them yesterday.

Next on the TO DO LIST:

Paint vanity base in bathroom dark brown/black, new mirror in bathroom - have really old framed mirror from my great mammy, but mirror will need to be replaced and frame is brass so will paint that too, and new light fixture (since the one we have now is attached to the hideous medicine cabinet - YUCK!)

Install hood vent in kitchen (way overdue) and tile backsplash

Get new carpet for upstairs!!!

Paint shutters and front door and pressure wash deck then stain (0bviously spring/summer projects)

So, hopefully by late summer, I'll have most of the projects done and then I'm sure I'll find something else I'll want to do!!! Hubby will LOVE that. We only got divorced about 4 times over the weekend - hehe.....

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