We're baaaacckk!!!

Carousel ride with Gigi, Zoo Atlanta Entrance, and train ride!

Vic, Little Hauss and Sara

Helping with Dishes

Gigi and Pop

LOVE the LeapPad!
So, we had a semi-fun filled trip to the ATL! Semi fun for me that is! I was feeling a little tightness in my upper back early last week and low and behold, I pulled that muscle on Saturday night, which put me out of commission for about 2 1/2 days! Thank goodness for Gigi and Pop who picked up the slack with Little Hauss while I over medicated myself and laid up in their bed (because your parents' bed is so much more comfy) and caught up on some TIVO....Thank you Gigi!!!

Other than that, we had a great trip. Little Hauss was a perfect traveling mate and only whined a bit when overly tired and too bored from watching dvds! We stopped off in Chattanooga, TN to visit my grandmothers for a while before heading further south!

Thursday was a rest day and Pop was still out of town on a business trip, so we took naps, very long naps!!! It was fabulous! Friday, we had some visitors that we don't get to see very often and had fun catching up and enjoyed a great meat filled dinner for Vic (Sara's a vegetarian, so we load him up on protein when they visit)! Little Hauss got a kick out of their new "transformer car" the EOS by VW, red of course!!! Vic swears that they aren't getting anymore new cars, but I think he might be out for a Mercedes convertible after Pop took him on a joyride after dinner!!!! We'll see!!!

Saturday we prepped for the wino night and ran some errands around town, Little Hauss helped with dishes and cleaning the patio off! We grilled pizzas and had some yummy Sangria (thanks Pop)!
Sunday, I really don't recall much!!! I was laid up in bed on pain meds and Little Hauss would peak in every so often to check on me! We did go for some all you can eat sushi which was really yummy, but I didn't get to try as much as I wanted because I just felt lousy! Oh well, I'm sure Hubby will be excited that we'll all get to go back next time when he's with us!

We did make it to the zoo after I got some good rest and Little Hauss did wonderful! This was the first time he walked and we didn't have one meltdown! We rode the train, the carousel, and played on the playground as well as checking out some animals!

We made the long trip back yesterday and I made up for all my time off with a very long day at work!

Back to my vino!

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Glad you all had a good time!