Migrating South....

Just for a long weekend! Little Hauss and I are heading out of town tonight to spend some quality time with Gigi and Pop in Hotlanta!!! So excited are we! We both get a little spoiled, well, I get a little spoiled and he gets spoiled A LOT!!! It's to be expected though!!!
So, we have lots of stuff planned, which is typcial for my side of the family, but we have so much fun running ourselves silly! The hubby is staying at home and probably greatful for a little break, but he'll miss us, for sure!
We will be visiting the Atlanta Zoo, IKEA (its a must), the outlets, and all you can eat Sushi!!!!! YUMMO! In addition to all that, we'll have some overnight guests on Friday (my best friend from growing up and her husband who live in ATL) and then Gigi and Pop are hosting their wine tasting club on Saturday night!!! I'm sure Little Hauss will be the provided entertainment!!!
We are making a stop in Chattanooga tonight to spend some time with my grandmothers, so it will break up the trip a little and we won't have to make a special trip later on! DVD player and Leappad are ready to go!!!! Pray for a smooth ride and no tantrums!!!!!

I promise to post pictures upon our return!!!

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kelly bee said...

Hi! Hope y'all have fun!

Kelly Bee from Beehive Five :)