Halloween Party!

Happy Halloween!
Now, normally, I would have a cute picture of Little Hauss all dressed up in his Halloween Costume, but unfortunately he won't be dressing up this year, so I thought I'd post our picture instead! Didn't want to disappoint you!!!
We will be traveling this weekend to visit Hubby's brother and family, so Little Hauss can't trick-or treat and we didn't want to buy a costume just for the sake of it! He wants to be Spider Man, so Gigi bought him some Spidy PJs and he's content!!! He's more excited about playing with his cousing and seeing the Pumpkin House! I promise that is worth NOT trick or treating and I will post pictures for sure!
So, Hubby and I went to a Halloween Party last weekend where costumes were REQUIRED!!! I don't love dressing up and am very frugal, so I was determined to find a cheap and funny costume for the both of us. Hubby is in law enforcement, so we felt appropriate to do a spin on this. So, as you can see, I was the officer/guard, and he was my inmate/prisoner!

The orange/blue combo is what the inmates wear in our local jail facility if they are trustees or help with cleaning, painting, etc. We couldn't get our hands on any black and white jumpsuits, but we tried!!!

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