Bad Words!!!!!!

SO, I know it was bound to happen, and it did!!! Little Hauss said a bad word yesterday at school....The "S" word! Now, this is TOTALLY my fault! Hubby will testify to that as well! He actually calls it "mommy's word" instead of a bad word! Now, I TRY really hard and I've gotten better at not saying ANYTHING nasty in front of Little Hauss, but I have to admit it has slipped occassionally. I'm not sure its even been recently, but like you hear, kids are like sponges!!! They act like they don't hear what you've said, but then weeks later, it comes back to bite you in the bottom (that is an approved word in our household)!
The craziest part of the whole thing is that Little Hauss was the one that told me.....like mommy, like son! I can't lie and I always tell on myself! The ONLY thing his teacher told me was he didn't listen very well yesterday! He told me that the other teacher is the one that put him in time out after he said it and she wasn't in the room when I picked him up so I don't know!!! I will definitely get clarification on this tomorrow!!!!
Oh well, we had another talk about our words so hopefully I'll do better, and then he'll do better too!!!

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